Shifting to a success mindset is rooted in how you choose to respond to disruptions in your environment. To help with those choices it’s important to understand the nature of most disruptions. With the exception of things that occur purely in nature, most disruptions involve people’s reactions.

Whether you are thinking of a business or personal example, it is helpful to start with the bigger picture. The trigger may be rooted in personality, culture, opinion or accumulated experience, but it is reactions and counter reactions, in the moment, that cause problems.

Fortunately, the flow of how problem moments appear, and are managed, is both predictable and controllable when you consider the following.

  1. Most of the time we run on a kind of autopilot. We tend to, and often need to, respond without consciously thinking. Meaning, when faced with a challenge, we usually respond in a way similar to how we have learned to respond in the past. So, as a rule, harsh reactions are not intentional, they are learned default responses.
  2. By becoming aware of what subconsciously motivates our responses, we have the opportunity to manage ourselves while still being true to our core beliefs. Even better, we are managing the message that the other person will be responding to. In this way we have influence over the escalation of the interaction, and ultimately, the relationship.

By keeping these two things in mind, and applying some easily learned skills, we don’t have to hope for win/win outcomes, we can create them.

While these principles apply equally to our internal dialogue, personal relationships with others and business interactions, it’s the business impacts that employers are most interested in.

It boils down to this. In business, as in anything involving people, moments build the normal state. And the normal state frames what is possible. That is why companies, with the right leadership, can go from limited success to being a supercharged competitive force.

Companies that understand the importance of shifting team members to a success mindset create the conditions to thrive. They provide training and leadership which makes managing moments central to their culture.

This is easily the best way to guarantee success in business. Understand that people are the key, culture is what activates performance and managing moments is the root cause of your culture, therefore, your results.