Here are links to a very interesting podcast. It’s a detailed retrospective (an autobiography) of what happened behind the scenes of the Y2K software bug event. I listened to the podcast because I was contacted to be interviewed for the in depth paid content portion on Vimeo. This is a great series. Even though I was deeply involved in Y2K I still learned many fascinating details.

The announcement and links are below:

Peter de Jager was recognized globally as the leader in creating awareness for Y2K – author of the 1993 article ‘Doomsday 2000’ and operator of the Year2000(dot)com website. 

Having grown weary of the narrative that ‘nothing happened’ and ‘it was all a hoax’, he decided to reclaim the narrative with a podcast: “Y2K an Autobiography” available on iTunes and Podbean. 

An introduction post from Peter de Jager:

Links for podbean and Apple podcast:

A LinkedIn post from Peter de Jager:

Discount code (70% off) for subscription content of Y2K An Autobiography: